Class ACLManager


This is the main application class. It handles command-line options, input and output. It communicates with ACLDatabase to save or retrieve ACLs to/from the backup database and with ACLIdMapper to get information about users and groups.

Located in /aclbit.php (line 942)

Class Constant Summary
 OPT_CONFIG = 'config'
 OPT_DB = 'database'
 OPT_FILES = 'files'
 OPT_GROUP = 'group'
 OPT_PATH = 'path'
 OPT_RECURSIVE = 'recursive'
 OPT_ROOT = 'root'
 OPT_SELF_CMD = 'selfcmd'
 OPT_STDIN = 'stdin'
 OPT_USER = 'user'
Method Summary
ACLManager __construct ()
bool checkOptions ()
void run ()
void setAction (string $action)
void setOption (string $option, [mixed $value = TRUE])
void setOptionsFromArray ( $options)
Constructor __construct (line 1020)


  • access: public
ACLManager __construct ()
checkOptions (line 1293)

Validates options.

  • return: True on success, false otherwise.
  • access: public
bool checkOptions ()
run (line 1792)

Runs ACL manager, i.e. the selected action.

  • access: public
void run ()
setAction (line 1043)

Sets an action.

  • access: public
void setAction (string $action)
  • string $action: Action name.
setOption (line 1028)

Sets an option value.

  • access: public
void setOption (string $option, [mixed $value = TRUE])
  • string $option: Option name.
  • mixed $value: Option value.
setOptionsFromArray (line 1050)

Remembers command line options in $this->options.

  • access: public
void setOptionsFromArray ( $options)
  • $options
setOptionsFromConfigFile (line 1126)

Gets configuration options from a configuration file (ini structure).

  • access: public
void setOptionsFromConfigFile ()
Class Constants
FULL_MASK = 7 (line 1015)

Full mask rights (int).

OPT_CONFIG = 'config' (line 964)

$this->options key for path to configuration file.

OPT_DB = 'database' (line 969)

$this->options key for path to SQLite db.

OPT_FILES = 'files' (line 975)

$this->options key for files flag. When the flag is on, files' ACLs are backed up as well.

OPT_GROUP = 'group' (line 980)

$this->options key for group name or id to search for.

OPT_PATH = 'path' (line 985)

$this->options key for path to retrieve ACL entry for.

OPT_RECURSIVE = 'recursive' (line 990)

$this->options key for recursive flag.

OPT_ROOT = 'root' (line 995)

$this->options key for absolute path to the backup root.

OPT_SELF_CMD = 'selfcmd' (line 1000)

$this->options key for absolute path to this program.

OPT_STDIN = 'stdin' (line 1005)

$this->options key for input from stdin.

OPT_USER = 'user' (line 1010)

$this->options key for user name or id to search for.

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