Linux ACL Backup and Inspect Tool


  • author: Pavel HlouĆĄek, EXCON
  • version: 1.0 $Rev: 31 $ $Date: 2008-04-29 13:23:36 +0200 (Tue, 29 Apr 2008) $
Class Description
ACLIdMapper This class provides mapping between user names and user ids, group names and group ids, groups and its members.
ACLDatabase ACLDatabase class manages the ACLbit backup database. It uses SQLite3 database to save and query ACLs.
ACLManager This is the main application class. It handles command-line options, input and output. It communicates with ACLDatabase to save or retrieve ACLs to/from the backup database and with ACLIdMapper to get information about users and groups.
Profiler This class allows for intelligent profling.
Getopt Command-line options parsing class. This class is a derivate of PEAR Console_Getopt class with PEAR dependance removed for easier installation.
callback_profilerMeasuersCmp (line 1889)

Profiler callback used to sort an array of profiler's measurements.

Compares total time without 'recursive calls' and returns usual cmp value.

  • return: Returns 0 if a and b total times are equal, -1 if a total time < b total time, 1 if a total time > b total time.
int callback_profilerMeasuersCmp (a $a, b $b)
  • a $a: One measurement id.
  • b $b: Another measurement id.
debug (line 1859)

Debugs $var and optional message to stderr, only if GLOBALS[debug] is on.

void debug ([ $var = NULL], [ $msg = NULL])
  • $var
  • $msg
fail (line 1823)

Stops script execution immediately, prints error message. If debug mode is on, prints call stack.

void fail ( $msg)
  • $msg

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